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Purpose and Application

  • Fluorescent dye for detection of DNA in post-electrophoresis
  • More safety compared to EtBr


  • Higher sensitive detection of DNA with the lower ground as compared with EtBr (Ethidium Bromide)
  • Detection with UV or BlueLED
  • BlueLED enables to detect DNA bands with higher sensitivity and safety
  • More safety compared to EtBr
  • Lowest value by Ames test, not containing the carcinogenic substance of IARC
  • Unnecessary for destaining step, speedy, small amount of waste fluid



 WSE-7130 EzFluoroStainDNA
Major componentsFluorescent staining dye
PackageSolution 500 μL/bottle
Preparation10,000x dilute with TAE, TBE buffer and so on
Applicable amount5~10 μL/50~100 mL buffer, For 50~100 gels
DetectionExcitation light: 260~370 nm (UV), 440~500 nm (Blue LED)
Peak of absorption wavelength: 270 nm, 370 nm, 497 nm
Fluorescence: Max absorption wavelength 522 nm
Filter: 500~550 nm LP filter
Storage1 year at -20℃ in dark (unopened)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332395WSE-7130 EzFluoroStain DNA1 pk

WSE-7130 EzFluoroStain DNA

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