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WSF-2000 MH Fermograph III

Purpose and Application

  • Automatically measure gas production for up to 20 samples
    Evaluating the fermentation capacity of microorganisms or yeast
    Evaluating culture medium/material composition and fermentation conditions
    Used for breeding, development, quality control, etc.



  • Simultaneous measurement of gas production up to 20 samples

  • Measure total gas generation, gas production per hour (gas increase, gas production rate), gas quantity produced in the dough, etc.

  • In addition to bread dough, it can also continuously measure for more than a few days such as sake, yeast culture solution, bioethanol production medium, etc.

  • Measure samples that produce gas in a short period of time, like baking powder.

  • Data correction by environmental temperature with a temperature sensor in the device

fermograph III.png

Thermostic Bath

A. Thermostic Bath without nozzles / with temperature controller 

Option A.png

B. Thermostic Bath with nozzles / without temperature controller 

Option B.png
Fermograph application .png
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