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WSC-2615 MyMiniBLOCK C&H

Purpose and Application

  • Preparation of sample for Electrophoresis
  • Reaction or Denaturation of DNA/RNA
  • Transformation of E. coli
  • Reaction of enzymes


  • Compact size
  • Save working space (123 mm x 165 mm x 115 mm)
  • Useful equipment for various lab works
  • Temperature adjustable from 0℃ to 100℃
  • Rapid heating speed
  • Simple configuration and operation
  • Programmable up to 9 files
  • Available to set by 2 steps temperature control of each file
  • Various selection of heating blocks


TypeCode No.Block for WSC-2610Unit
A40026400.2 mL Microtube x 40 pcs1 ea
B40026410.5 mL Microtube x 24 pcs1 ea
C40026421.5 mL Microtube x 15 pcs1 ea
D40026432.0 mL Microtube x 15 pcs1 ea
E400264412.5 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 32 (H) mm Cuvette x 8 pcs1 ea
F400264515 mL Centrifuge tube x 4 pcs1 ea
G400264650 mL Centrifuge tube x 2 pcs1 ea

*Each block is optional.

*The bottom of block for 0.2~1.5 mL Microtubes is cone-shaped, and that for 2 mL Microtubes is round.

WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK can be used with precision in temperature, without putting water or oil.

*The bottom of centrifuge tube is flat.
Putting water in the block holes, WSC-2610 MyMiniBLOCK can be used with precision in temperature.


WSC-2615 MyMiniBLOCK C&H
Temperature setting0℃ ~ 100℃
Timer0~999 (min. or sec.)
Program9 files in 2 steps each
Setting accuracy100℃ ± 0.5℃, 40℃ ± 0.3℃
(Temperature of a liquid in 1.5 mL tube)
Temperature display accuracy0.1℃
Heating time≤ 15 min (20℃ → 100℃)
PowerDC24V, 60W
Dimension123 (W) x 165 (D) x 115 (H) mm
Weight1.2 kg (Main body)
Selectable blocks7 types

WSC-2615 MyMiniBLOCK C&H

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