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AE-1460 EzFastBlot 

Western Blotting Transfer Buffer
EzBlot is a transfer buffer comprised of three reagent for semi-dry blotting of protein sample.


AE-1460 EzBlot
Main componentsSolution A: Tris
Solution B: Tris
Solution C: Tris, 6-aminocaproic acid
Package4 bottles (Solution A x 1, Solution B x 2, Solution C x 1), 40 disposable trays
Applicable amountServe for 2 L (approximately 20 runs of Mini-gel blotting)
Storage1 year at room temperature in dark


Purpose and Application

  • Transfer buffer for semi-dry western blotting
  • Higher transfer efficiency than Tris-Glycine buffer


  • Higher efficient transfer buffer for semi-dry western blotting
  • Disposable trays are included
  • Easy to use 
  • Economical


AE-1460 EzBlot

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