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Purpose and Application

  • Detection of Protein and DNA


  • Easily prepared by sampling 1 mL of each reagent and diluting
  • Small containers save space for storage.
  • The absence of glutaraldehyde allows the application to Mass Spectrometry
  • Sensitivity is up to approximately 1 ng of protein and dozens of pg of nucleic acid per band.
  • Staining takes approximately 55 minutes.
  • Low running cost



 AE-1360 EzStain Silver
Major componentsS-1: sodium thiosulfate
S-2: silver nitrate
S-3: sodium hydrate
S-4: sodium thiosulfate and formaldehyde
Applicable amountApproximately 50 sheets of mini-gel
Storage2 years at 4℃ away from light
Package50 mL/each bottle

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332360AE-1360 EzStain Silver1 pk

AE-1360 EzStain Silver

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