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Multimode microplate reader for multi-purpose

Phelios AL is a compact multimode microplate reader for measuring absorbance (ABS), kinetics, spectrum, area scan, in the wavelength range of 200 to 999 nm, and luminescence (LUMI), which is also available to measure microvolume samples (NANO: 2µL) with Nano Volume Plate.
It is a multi-plate format compatible with 6/12/24/48/96/384 well plates. If you use the "Quantitative analysis mode" that analyzes quantitatively, calibration curve creation and concentration conversion are automatically performed at the same time as the measurement, and the analysis results can be saved in "Excel" format.

In addition, if you use the "Qualitative mode" for qualitative analysis, you can determine whether the target molecule is positive or negative by setting the cutoff value. In addition, the optional "Nano Volume plate" enables absorbance / spectral measurements of 24 samples in a volume of 2 µL.

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