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Peristaltic Pump
WSE-3300/3310  I  AC-2120 for
Externally Controllable type

Digital Peristaltic Pump

WSP-3300/3310 PeristaQuantumPump

Purpose and Application

Improved stability, reproducibility, chemical resistance, flow rate, operability, and external control functions

Digital new peristaltic pump

Full support for bio-production and research processes

■ <Metal non-contact>

  BioSafe aseptic, contamination-free, sanitary, and clean liquid feed

■ Accomplish the "High Flow Accuracy" by

   "Quantitative flow stability" and "High flow reproducibility"

■ <Low pulsation>  by "12-roller rotating roller system"

■ Includes "PeristaQ dedicated standard tube"

■ Easy to use by "Touch Panel Operation and Settings"

■ Productivity improved by the external control system

Solution sending tube.jpg
WSP-3310 PQP-製品画像①.png

WSE-3300/3310  I  AC-2120 for Externally Controllable type

AC-2120 Perista BioMini Pump


Purpose and Application

  • Pumping fluids/solutions in chromatography

  • Pumping fermentation broth

  • Pumping chemicals in recirculation experiment

  • A wide range of applications, from laboratory to plant, etc



  • Wide flow rate range from 1 to 1,000 times with motor rotation control using a tube of the same inner diameter

  • Flow rate range from 0.1 to 1,000 mL/h with a tube inner diameter of which is from 1 to 3 mm

  • Digital panel for easy operation and accurate flow rate setting

  • The external Control Connector for a gradient pump controller is equipped

  • MAX-FLOW Switch equipped for rapid solution exchange and drainage


AC-2120 Perista BioMini Pump 

​Φ5-3 silicone tube    

​Φ4-2 silicone tube       

​Φ3-1 silicone tube    

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