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Purpose and Application

  • Electrophoresis buffer for protein native-PAGE
  • Electrophoresis buffer for DNA precast gel (PAGEL series)
  • Buffer for tank blotting


  • Buffer for native-PAGE
  • Buffer for DNA precast gel (PAGEL series)
  • For protein western blotting buffer
  • Sterilized: DNase free



 WSE-7055 EzRun TG
Major componentsTris, Glycine
Package500 mL/bottle (10X concentrated)
PreparationDilute 10 times with distilled water
Applicable amount5 L
Storage1 year at room temperature

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332323WSE-7055 EzRun TG1 pk

WSE-7055 EzRun TG

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