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Precast Gel I Mini Gel 8x9cm



* Gels do NOT contain SDS. Electrophoresis with a buffer solution containing 24mM Tris + 192mM Glycine + 0.1% SDS (AE-1410 EzRun) is Laemmli method, and one without SDS (WSE-7055 EzRun TG) is Ornstein-Davis method.

* We recommend buffer [WSE-7065 EzRunMOPS] for high-speed migration.

* Use buffer solution containing 25mM Tris and 192mM Glycine or our product, [WSE-7055 EzRunTG] for DNA electrophoresis.

* The way of making [e-PAGEL HR] is different from that of [e-PAGEL] so the migration pattern may not be the same.

Purpose and Application

  • Separation and detection of proteins

  • SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE

  • Detection of PCR products, separation of DNA

  • Screening

  • Experimental training for students or researchers


  • e-PAGEL HR is a higher-grade product of e-PAGEL.

  • High-speed migration is possible; the shortest migration time is 20 min.

  • Sharp bands (especially, separation ability in low molecule domain improves)

  • Expiration date of use: 1 year

  • Minimizing smiling

  • Hardly deform-able gradient gel

  • Stable quality, High reproducibility

  • Glass plates with good thermal stability

  • Easy to set on the apparatus and take off the gel from the glass plate

  • Varieties of gels are available, including a wide range of gel percentages and wells

  • Compatible electrophoresis apparatus: ATTO Mini Gel Size Electrophoresis System (WSE-1150P PageRunAceWSE-1165 Mini-Slab)

  • ※This gel cast includes plates whose total thickness is 5 mm, so Plate holders for PAGEL are required.

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