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ATTO Products

Purpose and Application

  • Chemiluminescence imaging of Western blotting

  • Fluorescent imaging of fluorescent staining gels and fluorescent proteins (optional)

  • Bright-field imaging of CBB staining gels (optional)

  • Quantitative analysis of samples from the image (Concentration and Molecular weight)

  • Merge image of the chemiluminescent image and prestained marker of membrane image



  • Next Generation Model with an EMCCD camera

  • Ultra-low noise “-40℃” cooling EMCCD camera

  • EM GAIN function enables light emission detection in a short time

  • Equipped with F0.8 ultra-sensitive lens

  • Image size up to 273×180mm Minimum 106×70mm

  • Merge image of luminescent image and membrane image

  • AutoExposure function
    →High sensitivity and wide dynamic range with automatic exposure mechanism

  • 16bit TIFF format
    →General imaging file format
    →Convertible to JPEG and 8bit TIFF

  • Autocontrast Inverse image
    →Control software and image analysis software is available for autocontrast and inverse image function

  • Multi-purpose detection can be achieved with a variety of light source options

WSE-6270 LuminoGraph II EM

LuminoGraph-EM_medium (1).jpg
LuminoGraph-EM_medium (2).jpg
delayed fluorescence.jpg
6270 s o.png
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