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ATTO Products

Blotting System 20.5x20cm

WSE-4045 PoweredBLOT 2M


Purpose and Application

  • Semi-dry blotting for transferring proteins from 4 mini gels (Western Blotting)



  • Improved Electrode plate setting enabled;
    uniform and firm contact of gels and membranes; fast blotting

  • Electrode plate size: 205×200 mm
    For use in 4 mini gels (8 x 9cm), or Larger size gel blotting is available

  • Rapid semi-dry blotting is possible with AE-1465 EzFastBlot (10-30min)

  • Blotting high molecular protein is possible with WSE-7210 EzFastBlot HMW (30-60min)

  • Expert roller included for easy setting layout (gel, membrane, filter paper)

  • 1/10 of transfer buffer is enough of a wet blot

  • Electrode for drug resistance: washable system

Operation Guide

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