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Protein Electrophoresis I Other Gel Size 6x6cm 

WSE-1010 cPAGE Ace

Purpose and Application

  • Separation of Protein, purity determination, estimation of purified product, and expressed protein

  • Screening, Protein or Nucleic Acid electrophoresis for entry-level experiments and students



  • The fastest electrophoresis time: 10 min (High mode)

  • The system's built-in power supply

  • Compact size, Reduce working space

  • Easy operation with precast running condition

  • Available for both the precast gel and hand-made gel

  • Cut the amount of buffer and reagent

  • Compatible caster: AE-7310 Compact Gel CastWSE-1090 Multi Compact Gel Cast

  • Compatible precast gel: ATTO Precast Compact Gel (c-PAGELc-PAGEL HRcp-PAGEL)


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Ordering Information

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