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Purpose and Application

  • EzReprobe is a stripping reagent to remove the 1st and 2nd antibody from the membrane after western blotting reaction
  • Repeatable stripping and reprobing reaction


  • Less damage to the antigen on the blot
  • Repeatable stripping and reprobing reaction
  • Ready to use
  • Soak the used blot in EzReprobe and incubate for 10 min at room temperature
  • Economical; good cost performance
  •  Toxic substances FREE ( like β-mercaptoethanol)
  • Efficient stripping performance
    Rabbit monochlonal antibody which is generally shown high titer can be removed.


 WSE-7240 EzReprobe
Major componentsBuffer, Surfactant
PreparationMix 100 mL of EzReprobe with 0.6 g of enhancer
PackageEzReprobe reagent: 500 mL
Enhancer (Powder): 3 g
Storage1 year at room temperature


Ordering Information

2332531      WSE-7240L EzReprobe, 2 L         1 pk

WSE-7240L EzReprobe

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