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Purpose and Application

  • Speedy transfer for high molecular weight proteins (200 kDa <)
  • MeOH, Acid, Detergent free


  • Effective transfer of high molecules (up to MW500 kDa)
  • The time to complete blotting is 30-60min, Greater time shortening
  • 5x concentrated reagent-Dilute with distilled water before use
  • MeOH, Acid, Detergent free
  • For 1 year at room temperature in dark



 WSE-7210 EzFastBlot HMW
Transfer time25 V, 30~60 min
Package1 bottle
Volume500 mL (5X stock solution)
Main componentsTris
Storage1 year at room temperature away from light

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332595WSE-7210 EzFastBlot HMW1 pk

WSE-7210EzFastBlot HMW

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