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Purpose and Application

  • Buffer for SDS-PAGE electrophoresis

  • Buffer for fast electrophoresis system


  • High-speed electrophoresis
    Approximately 8x9cm Mini gel: 20-25 min
    Approximately 6x6cm Compact gel: 10-15min
  • High resolution of separation for low MW protein bands
  • Suitable for precast gel & hand cast gel


 WSE-7065 EzRun MOPS
Major componentsTris, MOPS, SDS 20x concentrated solution
Preparation20x dilute with distilled water
Applicable amount500 mL per 1 run (40 runs with ATTO Mini Slab chamber)
StorageFor 8 months at room temperature (unopened)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332324WSE-7065L EzRun MOPS, 1 L1 pk

WSE-7065 EzRun MOPS

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