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Purpose and Application

  • General buffer for electrophoresis of DNA


  • Available for electrophoresis of DNA
  • Sterilized, DNase free
  • Stable for 1 year at room temperature


The type of buffers used in agarose gel electrophoresis can be determined by the size of the DNA fragment and the content of the post-migration experiment.

If you want to isolate large DNA greater than or equal to 15,000 bp, use the TAE buffer. Use a TBE buffer if you don’t want to extract DNA or don’t care about recovery rates after migration with smaller DNA of 1,000 bp or less.

The above diagram shows the results of an EzDNA Ladder applied to a 1.5% agarose gel using EzRunTAE or EzRunTBE buffers and electrophoresis at 150V for 20 minutes using a Submerge-Mini. As you can see, the TAE buffer is suitable for polymer separation and the TBE buffer is suitable for low molecular separation.



 WSE-7050 EzRun TAE
Major componentsTris, Acetic acid, EDTA, 50x concentrated solution
Package200 mL/bottle
Preparation50x dilute with distilled water
Applicable amountFor 25L, 220 mL per 1 run (About 110 runs with ATTO Submerge Mini chamber)
StorageFor 1 year at room temperature (unopened)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332391WSE-7050 EzRun TAE1 pk

WSE-7050 EzRun TAE

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