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Purpose and Application

  • Semi-dry blotting for transferring of proteins from 2 mini gels (Western blotting)
  • Nucleic acid blotting (Use Nitrocellulose membrane for blotting of nucleic acid samples)


*Upgraded apparatus!*
Improved Electrode plate setting enabled;
uniform and firm contact of gels and membranes; fast blotting

  • Electrode plate size: 205 mm X 100 mm
  • For use in 2 mini gels
  • Uniform transfer efficiency with improved contact of gels and membranes
  • Available for standard and fast blotting system
    Standard blotting condition: Constant voltage, 12 V, 30-60 min
    Fast blotting condition: Constant voltage, 24 V, 10 min
  • Rapid semi-dry blotting is possible with AE-1465 EzFastBlot (10-30min)
  • Blotting high molecular protein is possible with WSE-7210 EzFastBlot HMW (30-60min)
  • Including a hand roller for setting gels/membranes/filter papers
  • About 1/10 of transfer buffer of wet type (tank) is just enough
  • Chemically resistant electrode plate can be washed after use to be kept clean


 WSE-4025 HorizeBLOT 2M
ApplicationWestern blotting
Electrode size205 (W) x 100 (D) mm
Distance between electrodesMin: 3 mm, Max: 15 mm
Available number of gel for blotting2 mini gels
MethodVertical (Semi-dry blotting)
Blotting solution volume50-100 mL (depending on the size and number of gel)
Electrode polarityTop: Cathode / Bottom: Anode
MaterialMain unit: Acrylic
Anode: Platinized titanium
Cathode: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
Safety measurePower lead wire with safety terminal, reverse polarity prevention
Dimension / Weight246 (W) x 145 (D) x 92 (H) mm (Main unit without projection)
1.8 kg (except wiring)
ComponentsWSE-4025 main unit 1 ea
Power lead wire with safety terminal and reverse polarity prevention 1 ea
Roller 1 ea

Ordering Information

2322467WSE-4025M HorizeBLOT 2M (WSE-4025 1 set + WSE-4051 ClearBlot P plus membrane 1 pk + CB-09A Absorbent paper 1 pk)1 set


WSE-4025M HorizeBLOT 2M

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