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EzStain AQua is Coomassie brilliant blue (CBB) staining solution used for visualization of proteins detected by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). Without the use of organic solvents or acetic acid, it can easily detect protein band against a clear background in a short time.


Product NumberAE-1340
Product NameEzStain AQua
Main compornentCoomassie brilliant blue (CBB), acid, and stabilizing reagent
Method of useReady to use
Pour appropriate amount to the tray and soak the gel 
Applicable amountApproximately 20 sheets of mini-gel
Storage periodAt room temperature for 1 year

Purpose and Application

  • Detection of protein


  • Applicable to PAGE of proteins
  • Absence of organic solvents and acetic acid reduces concern about waste liquid and bad smell
  • Ready to use. Easily prepared only by pouring to the tray
  • Staining time of only 30 to 120 minutes for detection
  • Discoloration with distilled water results in nearly transparent background
  • Sensitivity is up to several ng of protein per band


AE-1340 EzStain AQUA (CBB)

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