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WSE-4056/57/58 QBlot kit C/M/W

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Purpose and Application

  • Semi-Dry blotting

  • Pre-wet PVDF membrane & filter paper



  • Western blotting is needed a workflow for equilibrating membrane and filter paper. Normally, the equilibration is taken 15~30 min. QBlot kit is needless the equilibration and it may use for western blotting immediately.

  • ATTO made shortest time for transfer 5-10 min with good transfer efficiency.

  • QBlot kit not only ATTO Semi-dry blotting system but also, may use other semi-dry transfer system as well.

  • Three different sizes
    Compact gel size: WSE-4056 QBlot kit C (65×63 cm)
    Mini gel size: WSE-4057 QBlot kit M (90×85 mm)
    Wide gel size: WSE-4058 QBlot kit W (145×85 mm)

  • Improved filter paper and transfer buffer

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