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Purpose and Application

  • Single,Dual and Triple Reporter assay

  •   Transcriptional factor activity,

  •   Gene expression(Transfection,RNAi,etc)

  • ATP assay

  • Autophagy

  • High-sensitivity Immunoassay

  • Antioxidant activity

Product Summary

Phelios(AB-2350) is a microplate luminometer to measure multi samples with high efficiency of light detection. Phelios is available to measure the diverse wavelength of bioluminescence from 350 to 670nm in 96,384 well microplate. It achieves high sensitivity with added and extremely desired optical system for efficiency of bioluminescent detection in low noise photon counting. Besides, it accomplishes high reproducible measurement by internal temperature controller and accurate pump in repeated injection. Moreover, even in the case of different multi-colors generation, it is available to measure the samples respectively by dedicated automatic filtering function.


  • Detector covered for wide wavelength range between 350-670nm.

  •    Red luminescence can be detected with high sensitivity.

  • Wide dynamic range(8 logs)

  • High sensitivity.

  •    Detection limit is 1zmole(10^-21 moles) of luciferase molecules.

  • Temperature control system(Ambient +5-40°C)

  •    Offer appropriate condition to measure light from living cells and tissue samples.

  • Auto injection system.

  •    Programmable injector condition which enable to detect flash-based luminescence.

  • Multi-color assay detection system.

  •    3 color of luminescence can be separated and analyzed automatically with filter system( 560LP, 600LP).

  • Measuring samples from flash-based light (20 msec) to long period  observation(7 days). 


Product Number                                     AB-2350

Product Name                                        PHELIOS

Sample format                                        96/384 well plate format

Detector                                                  Photomultiplier (PMT) : Photon counting methods

Spectral range                                        350 - 670 nm

Filters                                                      F0: no filter, F1: 560nm LP, F2: 600nm LP

Color separation                                     Up to three luminescence colors can be separated with automatic filter change mechanism

Injectors                                                  Built-in plunger type 

                                                               96 well : 20 to 250 uL

                                                               384 well : 20 to 100 uL

                                                               Additional pump system (optional, available for only 96 well plate)

Temperature control                               Ambient +5°C - 40°C 

Counting times                                       96 well 1 to 1200 sec, 384 well 1 to 600 sec

Power                                                    100V 50/60Hz 300W 

Dimensions                                            398 (W) × 460 (D) × 286 (H) mm

Weight                                                    16.5 kg

Standard Accessories                            PHELIOS (Built in one pump), Control Software (Windows), USB cable, AC cable, Manual



Code No. 3511150AB-2020M PHELIOS (Phelios equipped with dual pump system)

Code No. 3511068Single-side and double-side fitting tube

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