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WSE-7240 EzReprobe


Purpose and Application

  • EzReprobe is a stripping reagent to remove the 1st and 2nd antibodies from the membrane after the western blotting reaction

  • Repeatable stripping and reprobing reaction



  • Less damage to the antigen on the blot

  • Repeatable stripping and reprobing reaction

  • Ready to use

  • Soak the used blot in EzReprobe and incubate for 10 min at room temperature

  • Economical; good cost performance

  •  Toxic substances FREE ( like β-mercaptoethanol)

  • Efficient stripping performance
    Rabbit monoclonal antibody which is generally shown high titer can be removed.

reprobe 4.jpg
reprobe 3.jpg


EzReprobe is suitable for the following situations.

  • Amount of sample is limited

  • Quantitative analysis is performed with plural antibodies

  • Western blotting results in failure (ex., blocking reaction was too strong, Dilution rate of antibody was inappropriate)

1. Immense membrane after emission detection in EzReprobe solution and shake it to incubate for 15 min at room temperature.

    *Incubation time depends on antibody titer.

    *In the case of an antibody having a high antibody titer or difficult to come off, incubation time should be extended.

2. After cleaning with wash buffer, the step after blocking is performed for antigen-antibody reaction.



Even rabbit monoclonal antibodies having high antibody titer can be stripped with EzReprobe. 

Also, the denaturation of antigens is minimized.

  • Subband of human GAPDH is not detected at the 4th step with EzReprobe.

  • EzReprobe has a large amount of expression of antigens such as GAPDH, and stripping can be performed beautifully under the condition that antibody titer is high if the reaction time of stripping is extended.

*Red arrowhead: Shows the band of a target antigen of each step.

*Grey arrowhead: Shows the band result from the antibody cannot be peeled off by stripping operation.

*Non-Treated: Shake it to incubate at room temperature with wash buffer (TBST)

*Handmade:  Shake it to incubate for 30 min at 50 ℃ (refer to Kaufmann et al., 1987)

*The other 3 reagents and EzReprobe: Shake it to incubate for 10 min at room temperature

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