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WSE-7160 EzStain AQua MEM


Purpose and Application

  • Staining and destaining solution kit for detecting proteins on the membrane after blotting

  • Before the antibody reaction, carry out staining to confirm the blotting efficiency

  • The result can be used to normalize the target protein after the antibody reaction



  • Can detect proteins on the membrane

  • Staining and destaining in a short time

  • Bright blue band

  • Antigens and antibodies can be reacted after destaining

  • Support for normalization of total protein

  • Sensitivity is higher than Ponceau S

  • No acetic acid odor



1. Membrane staining after blotting

The transferred membrane was cut in half, one stained by a conventional staining method (Ponceau S) (A), and the other stained and destained with WSE-7160 EzStain AQua MEM (B).
As for the sample, loaded a 3/4 serial dilution of Hela cell extract. WSE-7160 EzStain AQua MEM was detected at all concentrations.

2. Antibody reaction after staining

After the blotting, the membrane was cut to a halt, one carried out an antibody reaction under normal operation to detect chemiluminescence (A).
And the other membrane was stained and destained with WSE-7160 EzStain AQua MEM, and an antibody reaction was performed to detect chemiluminescence (B).
It was shown that the antibody reaction does not affect by staining as both membrane have the same sensitivity and patterns.

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