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Purpose and Application

  • Western blot, Dot blot

  • DNA gel

  • Bioluminescence

  • Protein gel (Colorimetric)



  • AutoExposure
    → The suitable exposure time is automatically calculated and images are photographed and saved

  • Auto contrast・Inverse image
    →Control software and image analysis software is available for auto contrast and inverse image functions

  • Simple icon, User-friendly

  • Auto exposing, Sum, etc. Various detection mode

  • User registration and personal folder: Simple an image file management

  • 6 mega pixels high sensitive cooled CCD camera enables high resolution and sensitivity

  • F 0.8 high sensitive lens

  • CS Analyzer -ATTO Original analysis software

  • Windows PC installation

  • Housekeeping protein ratio Normalization function

  • Free updating(Software) service

  • Image analysis function

  • Revision of distortion bands pattern

  • Quantitative analysis of band signal intensities

WSE-6370 LuminoGraph III Lite

WSE-6370 LG3Lite_with FL unit.jpg
WSE-6370 LG3Lite_with FL unit_WindowsPC.jpg
WB-_600px RGB data.png
WSE-6370 LG3Lite_Door Open_with FL unit_WindowsPC.jpg
RGB LGIII lite.png
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