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Protein Electrophoresis I Wide Gel 8x14cm

WSE-1170 Multi Lane Gel Chamber


Purpose and Application

  • A lot of samples(30) can be analyzed in one gel at once by electrophoresis

  • SDS-PAGE(SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis)

  • Non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

  • Protein・Separation・Identification, Purity confirmation Molecular weight estimation, etc.

  • Confirm the Purifies and the expression levels of protein 

  • Electrophoresis of DNA, confirmation of PCR products


  • Available many samples (60 samples/two gels) electrophoresis
    For large-scale screening
    Comparable many samples in one gel at once (the same experimental condition)

  • Faster and higher-resolution electrophoresis → 「High mode electrophoresis」, it can be completed in 30min(300V c.v.)(※ Recommend to use e-PAGEL HR or hand made gel making with ATTO EzGel Ace buffer and to use ATTO EzRunMOPS buffer)

  • Usable a Multi-channel Pipette
    Sample well intervals are 4.5mm pitch, suitable for Multi-channel Pipette usage

  • The gel length is the same as the mini gel (approx. 8cm)
    Comparable with the electrophoresis pattern of the mini gel Enough gel length enables to get the precise protein band pattern

  • The constant temperature kept by plenty of upper/lower buffer enables to reduce of the smiling effect

  • Auto switching polarity
    (Bottom electrode is automatically to be anode(+) Without failing by miss-connecting of electrodes)

  • Easy to apply sample
    Visible electrophoresis tank(Front open view)

  • Easy to set the gel plate with the special plate holder
    ‘H’ holder → set glass plate to the chamber without stress

  • Well-shaped 「Perfect Seal Packing」→Prevent buffer leaking

  • High-quality durable acrylic material. RI blocking effect.

  • Compatible caster: WSE-1195 Multi Mini-Slab Gel Cast

  • Compatible precast gel: m-PAGEL

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