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Purpose and Application

  • EzStandard PrestainBlue is a prestained (colored) molecular weight marker designed for SDS-PAGE of protein and blotting. The band is visualized in blue during electrophoresis. During blotting, you can confirm the migration of the band from the gel to the membrane without protein staining.


  • Bands visualized in color
  • Provide sharper bands
  • Stable after repeated freeze-thaw cycles
  • Ready to use
  • No need for preparation



 AE-1450 EzStandard PrestainBlue
Major componentsProtein (6 bands of 17 to 115 kDa), Tris-HCl buffer, and BPB
Package300 μL, 1 tube
PreparationReady to use
Method of useAppropriate amount applied to the gel (3~5 μL/lane to Mini-gel)
Applicable amountApproximately 60 lanes when using Mini-gel
Storage1 year at -20℃ (unopened)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332347AE-1450 EzStandard PrestainBlue1 pk

AE-1450 EzStandard PrestainBlue

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