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Purpose and Application

LumiFLspectrocapture is a highly sensitive spectrophotometer that can measure the spectrum of weak light from bioluminescence or chemiluminescence, which was difficult to measure with existing spectrophotometers using photodiodes or PMT. LumiFLspectrocapture can acquire a whole range of light (ranging from 400-800nm) simultaneously with an ultrasensitive cooled CCD. It can be a powerful tool in designing bioluminescent/chemiluminescent probes in cell imaging study or analysis of mechanisms of bioluminescent/chemiluminescent reaction.



  1. An electronic cooled CCD camera is used as a detector.

  2. A CCD is capable of receiving the light of the entire target wavelength region for measurement at one time and detecting it.

  3. A CCD has higher quantum efficiency than a photomultiplier tube.

  4. detection time is shortened with all wavelength simultaeous detection.

  5. Measurement waelength range is 400 to 800nm.

  6. Long-time exposure is available (high sensitive detection of micro specimens)

  7. When a fluorescent excitation light source is equipped, FRET or fluorescent substance can be measured.

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