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isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF) of protein.

WSE-1510 DiscRun Ace

WSE-1510セット 300CMYK 201802.jpg
WSE DiscRunAce_パネル.jpg

Purpose and Application

  • 1-D electrophoresis(IEF) for 2-D PAGE

  • For proteome analysis (proteomics), purification product confirmation, and protein separation for mass spectrometry


  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis can be done easily with the use of a version with a power source (electricity conditions entered) and “agarGEL” precast gel and a high level of reproducibility can be obtained 150-210 min. quick electrophoresis time

  • Reduce working space.

  • Agarose gel specifications allow the addition of a sample with a large molecular weight or volume O’Farrell’s specifications also supported

  • With a special gel tray and gel carrier


IEF: agarGEL pH 5-8


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