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Blotting System 20.5x10cm

WSE-4125 PoweredBLOT 2M


Operation Guide

Purpose and Application

  • For use in 2 gels of mini gel size

  • Semi-dry blotting for transferring proteins (Western blotting)


  • Semi-dry blotting system with a built-in power supply offering;
    Fast blotting is available, space-saving, easy operation, high reproducibility

  • Improved Electrode plate setting enabled;
    Uniform and firm contact of gels and membranes, and fast blotting

  • Electrode plate size: 205mm x 100mm

  • Two mini gels can be transferred simultaneously 

  • It takes 10min minimum in fast blotting mode, and 30 to 60min in standard blotting mode

  • Including a hand roller for setting gels/membranes/filter papers

  • About 1/10 of transfer buffer of wet type (tank) is just enough

  • Chemically resistant electrode plate can be washed after use to be kept clean

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