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Blotting System  9.5x9.8cm

WSE-4115 PoweredBLOT Ace



Purpose and Application

  • For use in 1 gel of compact size/ mini gel size

  • Semi-dry blotting of protein (Western blotting)

  • Semi-dry blotting of DNA (Southern blotting)
    (Please use a suitab
    le transfer buffer depending on the sample)


  • Semi-dry blotting system built-in power supply part

  • Save space

  • Output mode can be selected from 2 modes
    – STD (Standard):
    Constant voltage 12 V
    Standard transferring time:30-60 min (Timer: 1-200 min)
    – RAPID:
    Constant voltage 24 V
    Standard transferring time:10-30 min (Timer: 1-200 min)

  • Easily and certainly setting membrane, gel and filter

  • Upper electrode includes springs so clear blotting is possible

4115 s.png

Ordering Information

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