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Protein Electrophoresis I Caster

WSE-1190 Multi Mini-Slab Gel Cast


Purpose and Application

  • Up to 4 pieces of Mini-Slab size (90 x 83 mm, thickness 1 mm) gels can be made simultaneously with this gel casting kit

  • Available for hand-made gel casting of electrophoresis in the below


  • nativePAGE

  • Separation of Protein, purity determination, estimation of purified product, and expressed protein

  • Examination of purified product and expressed proteins

  • DNA electrophoresis, Detection of PCR products

  • Screening

  • Experimental training for students or researchers

  • Determination of enzyme form


  • Easy setting: piling plates in gel caster and fixing by clips
    (Seal gasket is not necessary)

  • Max 4 pieces can be made

  • Glass plates only for this gel cast  are adopted so seal gasket is unnecessary

  • Attached to glass plate sets & combs for 4 pieces of gel

  • Compatible electrophoresis apparatus: ATTO Mini Gel Size Electrophoresis System (WSE-1150MW PageRunAce, WSE-1165 Mini-Slab)
    ※This gel cast includes plates whose total thickness is 5 mm, so Plate holder for PAGEL are required.

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