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Peristaltic Pump
WSE-3300  I  AC-2120 for
Externally Controllable type

Digital Peristaltic Pump



Purpose and Application

Improved stability, reproducibility, chemical resistance, flow rate, operability, and external control functions

Digital new peristaltic pump

Full support for bio-production and research processes

■ <Metal non-contact>

  BioSafe aseptic, contamination-free, sanitary, and clean liquid feed

■ Accomplish the "High Flow Accuracy" by

   "Quantitative flow stability" and "High flow reproducibility"

■ <Low pulsation>  by "12-roller rotating roller system"

■ Includes "PeristaQ dedicated standard tube"

■ Easy to use by "Touch Panel Operation and Settings"

■ Productivity improved by the external control system

Solution sending tube.jpg

WSE-3300  I  AC-2120 for Externally Controllable type

AC-2120 Perista BioMini Pump


Purpose and Application

  • Pumping fluids/solutions in chromatography

  • Pumping fermentation broth

  • Pumping chemicals in recirculation experiment

  • A wide range of applications, from laboratory to plant, etc



  • Wide flow rate range from 1 to 1,000 times with motor rotation control using a tube of the same inner diameter

  • Flow rate range from 0.1 to 1,000 mL/h with a tube inner diameter of which is from 1 to 3 mm

  • Digital panel for easy operation and accurate flow rate setting

  • The external Control Connector for a gradient pump controller is equipped

  • MAX-FLOW Switch equipped for rapid solution exchange and drainage


AC-2120 Perista BioMini Pump 

​Φ5-3 silicone tube    

​Φ4-2 silicone tube       

​Φ3-1 silicone tube    

AC2120 s.png
AC2120 o.png
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