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Bioluminescence measurement system for living cell and tissues

Kronos HT is performing to detect high sensitivity for dim and weak luminescence consecutively in culture samples such as cells and tissues in 35mm culture dishes for a long time. 24・96 well micro plates also applicable. 

​*GPC laboratory CO. LTD. provide useful cell line carrying luciferase as a reporter gene for assessing circadian rhythm by Bmal1 gene expression.


Purpose and Application

  • Sample stage is in the incubation chamber in which temperature and CO2 gas concentration is controlled and humidity is kept >90%RH.

  • 24・96 wells micro plate applicable.

  • Long-time detection available *1hour~30days

  • 2 plates are measured by 2 PMTs (one PMT to one plate)

  • Plates are not moved, PMTs are moved to each well. > No shaking cells, so less damage to delicate cells and applicable to floating cells such as hematocytes.

  • PMTs are cooled to 10℃ > The dark noise is lower.

  • Built in filters for Multi-color luciferase assay

Simple Analysis.png

Simple analysis results

KronoAnalyzer handles a variety of time-series data optimally and allows for simultaneous comparative analysis of multiple files. The simple analysis results consisting of Period, Acrophase, Amplitude, and peak/trough values make it easy to compare.

Group Settings ⇒ Overlapping

Each well can be classified by experimental conditions with any name in the number of samples (n) < subgroup < group.

The plate layout is also semi-automatically set by simply clicking the well.

Number of samples (n) < subgroup < 1 to 192 (two 96-well plates) samples can be selected for both groups.

Grouping together allows you to overlap and compare graphs within the same file, not to mention Kronos series files, but also Excel files (with templates).

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